Don Joni

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Description: It is a “PREMIUM” category yacht that will make you feel pampered by its great style, comfort and first-class service, while you feel the sea breeze in the beautiful Banderas Bay.

Price:$8,000 MXN per hour.

Amenities: 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, padded bow, floating island, Bluetooth sound, snorkeling equipment, lifeguard, a captain, 2 sailors, water and ice.

Duration: Minimum 4 hours.

Recommended capacity:15 people.

Maximum capacity: 20 people.

(Each extra person after 3pm costs $1,000 MXN)

Experiences: paddle board, snorkel (Los Arcos), tour around the bay, sunset, whale watching, tour to other beaches. 



Check-in 6:00
Check-out 22:00
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